9 Business ideas to capitalize on Pokémon GO trend !

Pokémon GO has taken the world by the tempest. Under 1 month old, the app is as of now the No. 1 on the planet — and it isn’t even accessible in many nations. In under two weeks, from a standing begin, Nintendo’s new gaming app is more well-known than both Facebook and Snapchat. In light of this achievement, Nintendo’s value valuation has bounced 90% in this same brief day and age.

Some think this is just a fad, after all, it is just two weeks old. Candy Crush came along and it seemed really popular. But after initial growth its user base stalled and the valuation fell by about 50% as growth in users, time on app and income all fell short of expectations. And, isn’t the world of gaming dominated by the likes of Sony and Microsoft.

 9 Business ideas to capitalize on Pokémon GO trend !

  • Allure Shoppers to Local Businesses: Pokémon Go has permitted us to buy “Lures” which will attract Pokémon Go users to go to a specific area. Along these lines, a nearby business, for example, an eatery, retail location, or even an occasion can buy “Lures” called “Lures Modules” in the app and attract these users to its area.

  • Food Truck: Buy a used food truck or ice-cream carts. Look for parks which have multiple PokéStops. Sell food/ice-cream, coffee etc. You can also create a charge station.

  • PokéFleet: Setup an armada of cars and drivers that particularly takes Pokemon GO players on safaris. Make the safaris immersive encounters, including touring and excursions to eateries.

  • Pokémon Pet Merchandise: There are a lot of people walking their dogs playing Pokémon GO. Start selling Pokémon themed animal clothing accessories on Amazon.

  • PokéUber: Drive individuals around occupied ranges OR from point A to point B while they get the Pokemon. Individuals like driving since you make the progress rapidly and can pick and pick your fights, however it’s clearly perilous to do alone.

  • Re-skinning the Ingress Portals (PokéStops): Create a blog and re-skin the PokéStops into a user friendly display and start affiliate marketing.

  • Pokémon GO Branded Technology: Head over to Alibaba.com and find a cheap smartphone in less than $50. You’ll be able to talk to many vendors who’ll be ready to white label the box to any brand.  Get the box branded for Pokémon GO, bundle it in a package with a battery backup and Pokémon case.

  • Drones: Ever since the Pokémon GO trend, we have heard stories of people needing to be rescued after they got lost searching for Pokémon. A Pokédrone is a great idea to help game players can access Pokémon in difficult places and avoid walking into hazards.

  • PokéTours: Rent a bus, delineate the nearby Pokéstops and drive gatherings to all the hot-spot areas. Charge a premium for conveying them to the uncommon Pokémons.