Best Android Emulators For PC In 2023

Android Emulators for PC

If you are looking to install an Android emulator on your PC, but are confused about what would be the best pick among the options online, then you are at the right place. Here is a list of the eight best Android emulators for PCs. Read along till the end! 

What Does An Android Emulator Do?

An Android emulator can help you project the Android features on your PC. It will help you play Android games, use dedicated Android applications, and do anything your Android device does. These emulators work with the concept of platform virtualization in terms of software and hardware. 

The Android emulator will mimic the hardware of the device and translate the ABI to match the host’s device. Now, the user uses the emulator to integrate it onto the OS and run it like a seamless application or program on the PC. 

Check out what an Android Emulator is!

It is becoming a popular need for people as emulators are great alternatives for people who do not have any high-end Android devices. Android games can be played without lag and with high performance. 

How is an Android Emulator Helpful?

The primary purpose of an Android emulator is to replicate the Android OS on your computer, catering to a diverse user base. It is mainly used either by gamers or business owners. Gamers relish the experience of playing popular mobile games on larger screens, enhancing the overall gaming experience. In contrast, businesses deploy emulators to test out their mobile applications, ensuring they are responsive and function seamlessly on various devices. If you still find issues with using the emulator, you can hire an Android developer who can help you navigate through any complexities and optimize the emulator’s performance to suit your needs. This solution provides a safety net for those who may face challenges, ensuring a smoother, more efficient user experience.

There is a specific range of advantages for people who use emulators, which include:

  1. Added Flexibility

You can simulate various devices to test a mobile application and the Android API levels. Apart from that, the emulator is also specified with pre-defined configurations for various devices such as phones, tablets, Android TV, etc. 

  1. Speed

Running dedicated applications through the Android emulators will ensure that they deliver high performance and run fast, without any lags or glitches. App testing or gaming experience will be better with quality emulators. 

  1. Better Fidelity

A PC Android emulator offers all the capabilities of an Android device to the user. Users can download almost all applications available for a mobile device from the Google Play Store. 

Android Emulators for PC In A Nutshell

NameFree/PaidSupported PlatformsLink
Android StudioFreeWind 8/10/11 & Chrome
BlueStacksFreeWind 10/11 & Mac
ARChonFreeLinux, Mac & Windows
GameLoopFreeWind 7/8/10 & Mac
LDPlayer FreeWindows XP/11 & MAC
Nox PlayerFreeWind & Mac
MEmu PlayFreeWindows XP/7/8/8.10/11
Genymotion 30-Days Free Trial
$412 per year
Win & Mac & Linux

8 Best Android Emulators for PC That You Can Shortlist

We have shortlisted the best Android emulators for PC, among the top trending options online. They are tested to the brim of their efficacies to ensure you can choose only from the best among the best options. So, have a look at the eight best Android emulators below:

1. Android Studio

Android Studio Emulator is the official IDE for the OS by Google that is home to several flexible features. It can start applications faster than any real Android device. Users get high-end performance with mobile applications, including a bigger view and added freedom of usage. It also supports high-definition Android games and won’t consume much memory on the system. 

Homepage of Android Studio Emulator for pc

The premium version of the Android Studio Emulator is highly priced but has several advanced features for business app testing and other high-end functionalities. 


  • Multi-functional Android emulator with good GUI
  • Users can set preferable there for better UX
  • Allows users to use multiple Android applications simultaneously
  • Built over Java language for ensuring high work functions and performance
  • Supports Android, Apple Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows

2. BlueStacks

BlueStacks is among the best Android emulators that have been popularly adapted by users from across the globe. It was initially introduced to the market to ensure that mobile gaming boundaries have exceeded beyond scales. It has a unique platform combining digital and traditional advertising channels to maximize its capacity and has more than 130 million users as of today! 

Homepage of BlueStacks Emulator for pc

Not just that, but BlueStacks has also raised funds of around $30 million from big companies such as Qualcomm Ventures, Samsung, Intel, and others. Hence, it is a big name in the field of Android emulators for PC. 


  • Fastest mobile gaming platforms with various features to enhance the experience
  • Offers compatibility for Android N on all of the user’s systems with high-end graphics
  • It doesn’t engage a lot of RAM and is easy to install
  • Available with customizable gaming functions and a clean UI
  • Compatible with Android, Mac OS, and Windows

3. ARChon

ARChon is widely popular for its flexibility. It is the first ever Android emulator that works over the Google Chrome browser. Hence, this makes it slightly different from the other Android emulators listed here. It offers great handling of Android games over the desktop, and this emulator can also seamlessly work over Chrome books. One needs to have a Chrome extension to run this emulator. 

Homepage of ARChon Emulator for pc

It is an open-source emulator for which you don’t have to pay anything to use its features. You don’t need any additional tools to install it in your system. All you need is a seamless internet connection, which would work perfectly over the Chrome browser. 


  • It is a secured emulator and is enabled with Google’s reliability
  • Supports Google Chrome browser
  • ARChon runtime enables the users to run several numbers of Android APKs.
  • Supports multiple Android applications within a single browser

4. GameLoop

GameLoop, as the name suggests, is a dedicated Android emulator for gamers to play popular games on a big screen. It is easy to install and runs almost all applications smoothly without lags or glitches.

Homepage of Gameloop Emulator for pc

It was earlier called Tencent Gaming Buddy. Tencent developed it to increase the demand for desktop-mobile gaming. There are only specific games and apps that you can use over this emulator, as there is no Google Play stock in it. 


  • All popular games and apps are added to the emulator
  • Well-optimized to meet various graphic standards
  • Supports keyboard mapping for specific high-end Android games
  • Google Play Store can be installed through a separate module

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5. LDPlayer 

LDPlayer caters to gamers who like to play Android games on their phone. With this emulator, the screen size can be increased, and the fun will be multiplied for the users. This emulator enables you to use your changed controls for gaming, by mapping the keyboard and mouse of Windows, for playing the Android games that you usually operate through touch controls.

Homepage of LD Player Emulator for pc

There’s a specific feature in it that allows you to play multiple games simultaneously at the same time. Moreover, you get to optimize the performance of all Android games, such as FPS, graphics, etc. 

LDPlayer is free and lightweight software that doesn’t engage much of your system’s processing power. 


  • Play Android games with the use of a mouse and keyboard
  • ‘Multiple Instance’ feature for opening multiple games at the same time
  • Automate the gaming experience
  • Supported only over the Windows PC

6. Nox Player

Nox Player is among the most popularly used Android emulators for PC. It is absolutely free and is also safe for use. This emulator has GDPR compliance, cares about the user’s personal details, and takes measures to protect them. It is an optimized platform that is efficient for both applications and gaming. Using an Android application over a PC is smooth with Nox Player Emulator. 

Homepage of Nox Player Emulator for pc

One will get a similar gaming experience as that of PC games. You can connect a gamepad, keyboard, and mouse to the system and connect it to the emulator for playing games. You can also run multiple instances without experiencing performance issues. 


  • Nox Player emulator supports open keyboard mapping
  • Allows running multiple functions at a single instance
  • Comes with a macro reader for recording all complex operations
  • It supports Android 7 with ultimate UI and high-end performance

7. MEmu Play

MEmu Play is one of the fastest open-source emulators for Android that allows you to play various mobile games on your PC. People have reviewed it positively for its high-end performance capabilities and extreme UI.

Homepage of Memu Play Emulator for pc

It allows you to level multiple gaming accounts for the same game. Moreover, you can also use one account to play several games on it simultaneously. It has 200 nations and more than 20 million users, imposing constant growth. 


  • MEmu allows users to play free Android games with optimized graphics
  • Simple installation and supports mouse, keyboard, and game-pad. 
  • Option to develop custom app distribution to meet specific business needs
  • Allows file sharing between Windows and Android platforms

8. Genymotion

Genymotion Emulator is on this list for its easy-to-use functionality. It is ideal for app developers to test their products in a virtual environment. There are various custom features available with Genymotion to ensure that users can customize the emulator to meet their requirements.

Homepage of Genymotion Emulator for pc

It can emulate over 3000 virtual Android device configurations, such as Android versions or screen sizes. It comes with strong sensors, multi-touch, GPS, and other features for added experience. 


  • It’s a multi-support emulator for faster testing, sharing live demos, and monitoring app performances
  • Comes with high-definition pixel compatibility for enhancing visual clarity
  • Uses the desktop webcam as a video source for recording screencasts of virtual user device
  • Allows users to send gyroscope and multi-touch events from an Android handset connected to a PC.
  • Supports Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS

Final Words

This article gives you a brief insight into the best Android emulators for PC. The working principle of emulators helps gamers and app testers use it to the best of their potential. Gamers get an added advantage to excel in gaming records and experiences, while the developers virtually determine how an app would perform over various devices without owning them. 

So, this feasibility is what has helped the creators bring in a vast range of emulators for users to get enhanced quality output and uninterrupted performance. In the cosmos of hundreds of options, this article has shortlisted eight options for you to consider. Take a look at a few of them, and decide what would go well with your gaming or app testing needs. 

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