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In this era of technology, all businesses have become competitive.

And, to win above each other, they are pulling out new ways to stay ahead from each other. Despite all the strategies or tactics, establishing an online presence is a must.

Hence, to make it happen, owning a website is imperative. Never forget, websites play a crucial role in online business. It is the only medium via which you can grab potential customers and improve sales. 

Always remember that the visitors these days are more hungry for quality. If they do not find your website engaging, then they move to some likable website.

Hence, give your valuable time to make your business website delightful to the visitors.

Generally, the website design includes different elements like videos, content, images, graphics, etc. So, to run an online business successfully, you need a good web design that takes your brand to heights.

There are multiple applications and platforms which help create a good website. You can choose the one that you feel is appropriate for your requirements. But developing the site is not enough if it is not giving the right loading speed.

Loading speed helps to get your website higher ranking in search engines. In a few seconds, your visitor will choose whether to stay or not. For the high-speed website you need the best platform.

How Website Loading Speed is Critical?

Believe it or not, your website is worthless if it takes more time to load. Actually, the slow loading website is not liked by anyone. Waiting to let the page load irritates the visitors. Hence, they abundant the website and prefer to switch to a better website.

The loading time of 2 to 3 seconds is tolerable; otherwise, the end-user experience hampers. Have a look at the below image to know how a difference of some seconds can decrease your chances of customer satisfaction.



Hence, to not dig your business to the bad phase, you should get the best website development platform. From the research, it is found that the WordPress Content Management System is by far the best choice to start your online store and make your business successful. It carries 35% of all websites on the internet. Considering all CMS websites, approximately 60% are built with WordPress. 

It has extensive options for plugins, themes, and many other functionalities that impresses even the non-technicals and helps your website to get a higher speed. So, if you have a website created on WordPress, then you are on the way towards experiencing the best page loading speed. 

Here, in this article, we are revealing the WordPress elements that can speed up WordPress website. So, stay with us for more time and keep on reading!!

Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Website speed helps in making your business more credible online. So it is essential to follow the best practices to speed up your WordPress website. Here we are going to review the best ways to boost up the speed of the WordPress website.

  •  Choosing the Right Host

While creating the website, it’s important to choose the right host. If you are running your WordPress site, you need to be shared hosting. Shared hosting provides you immense bandwidth, space, etc. The web-hosting industry gives advanced features with better tools. Another factor is the cloud hosting providers will help to decrease the issues with the passage of time. From the experience, it is seen that shared hosting is a beneficial option.

  • Choosing the Right Theme

WordPress provides versatility in themes. WordPress themes contain multiple layouts, formatting styles, colors, fonts, and other visual options. You can choose a theme according to your business type, e-Commerce type, blog, or niche which works according to the specific demands for online business and give you the fast loading speed with a solid framework with customized edits.

WordPress provides free and paid plugins to customize your website. You can determine the plugin that is suitable for your project.

You don’t need to hire a WordPress programmer. Even a web programmer can easily make a website without knowing a single code. The theme check plugin ensures that it matches your site standards. If you are a kind of developer who likes to check everything in themes, then this is a perfect addition to your current platform. There are over 70,000 theme check plugin installations on WordPress.

Precisely, you should secure the theme that is not only rich in features but is SEO-friendly, light in size, optimized for mobile, responsive, combined with popular drag-and-drop builders, and is compatible with other services and plugins.


                         Photo by Tranmautritam from Pexels

  • Optimal Cache Plugin

Caching is also a critical factor to decrease the load on the WordPress hosting server. This allows your website to load the page quickly. But, keep in mind to have a decent hosting set up to optimize the website performance. 

As we have discussed earlier fast website encourages the user experience and emphasizes the visitors to visit more web pages. It, hence, promotes engagement and the time users are spending on the website. 

So, it is always a good option to go for the caching plugins. These plugins copy the web pages exactly after the first load and, later, offer the cached version to the next version. WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, are some of the best WordPress Caching Plugins that you can use to speed up WordPress website.

  • Keep it Minimal

Users visit your website with a purpose in mind. If they find the layouts visually appealing and worthwhile, they will come back to your site. The visitors don’t like to stay longer if the page is full of pictures, videos, and data. This makes the content design look messy and complicated to read.

The fewer the interface, the better the model.

Make sure you choose the classic web design with a better interface. A good design can engage more visitors and turn them into your regular customers.

Minimal design and less content take a few seconds to load. The minimal design looks more credible and can be easily navigated by the users.

If the information is relevant and minimal, it takes a short time to be understood by the user. This will increase the conversion rate of the page and reduce the bounce rate.

Read Out Too

  • Reduce the Image Size

The images are the main elements behind the size increment of the web page. Before uploading images to your WordPress website. You have to reduce the image size without negotiating the quality factor. If the images are optimized manually with the chrome page speed insight, photoshop, extension, or some other tools. This process takes some more time to load. 

Luckily, there are some plugins that do everything for you, and image optimization as well. WP Smush, Optimole, and EWWW image optimization are some of those plugins that help decrease the image size and therefore, give a boost to the WordPress website.

  • Optimize Database

Optimizing the database is very imperative for a WordPress website. If you don’t optimize the database on the website, it can make your website very slow.

When the visitors visit the WordPress website, they are doing nothing but retrieving the likable data from the database to check the post or page. Their purchase, comment, or upvote gives rise to data generation. And WordPress saves the updates that the users are making, automatically.

The request-response time of the database and the WordPress website improves for two reasons:

  1. The first one is the growth of the database in size;
  2. And, the other one is the cycles of data entry and extraction can fragment the database. Hence, many parts of the database get stored in the filesystem in separate locations.

Hence, it is of utmost need to maintain the leanness of the database by eliminating redundant data, like, post revisions, unapproved comments, trashed posts, and spam, etc. Many WordPress plugins are there that helps in the optimization of the WordPress database by shedding, the redundant, old data, and by defragmenting the database. They will also help to reduce the overhead issue. You can manage the database with the WP-DB manager for better results.

Optimize Database

                           Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

  • Check the Loading Speed

Speed ​​is the demand for the WordPress website. Make sure that your website doesn’t take time to load. The longer time will give a wrong impression of the audience. To speed up WordPress website, check the bulkiness of the image and try not to use the embedded media. Because these factors can reduce the activity of the website. So it is better to check the speed before.

Knowing how fast the website loads is the last but, not the least step in boosting the WordPress website performance. You must track the website speed, it is a must. To carry this out, you can install the plugin or carry out some changes to the website and find out how it is influencing the website loading time.

To examine the load speed, use the outstanding tools for the WordPress-oriented website speed. After installing the website URL, you can email the custom report about how fast the WordPress website loads with some recommendations to accelerate it. 

Measuring or testing the WordPress website speed before the optimization gives you the benchmark to know the appropriate test results. Many testing tools, such as GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, WebPageTest are there that let you assess the website according to the technology, budget, and needs.

  • Blog Regularly

Blogging keeps the website fresh and updated. This is the best way to gain more traffic. When you post the blog regularly and updated with high-quality content and topics that are relevant to your audience, it can make a big variation in the overall website appearance in the search engines. So whenever your audience reads the post, generally they love to share with others, and it will create the right amount of traffic.

This is right for SEO because it improves the ranking factors. If your site gets more traffic and repeats the audience, it will show Google that people like the website, and it helps to improve the authority level in the algorithm. But make sure that you avoid poorly-written and cheap content.

Wrapping Up

Above, we have discussed some of the ways to speed up your WordPress website. These factors are very crucial for your business growth and give you immense profit.

Positively, this article will help you before investing your time.

If you have queries or suggestions, feel free to ask in the comment section below !!

Thank you for reading !!

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