The Emerging Recruiting Trends That’ll Rule in 2022

Recruiting trends 2020

Recruiting trends 2020

Modern technologies have touched almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives, easing the process and often improving it. Recruiting trends is one process that has seen a radical amount of changes throughout the years with the use of mobile-friendly online portals and AI, leading to smoother and smarter recruitments. With the recruitment process shifting from being process-driven to people-driven, it is increasingly becoming an experience instead of a crude means of getting fresh talent.

“Acquiring the right talent is the most important key to growth. Hiring was — and still is — the most important thing we do.”
– Marc Bennioff

Recruiting Trends Set to Dominate 2020

With a lot of pointers to cover, below are some of the most important and often underlooked talent acquisition trends 2020 for you to improve on:

Recruitment trends 2020

  • Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience is one of the latest trends in recruitment. Candidate experience, in simpler terms, is treating your candidates warmly and politely, after all, they might end up working for you. It all begins with your first communication with the candidate and lasts until the final feedback is shared.

Building a candidate experience is very critical today. It doesn’t just put you as a recruiter in a good light, but your company also enjoys a good reputation by treating your candidates with care. Even if you don’t end up hiring the candidates, they are still very likely to share a positive opinion about your company if they were happy with the experience.

“If you make candidates unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make candidates unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.
Jeff Bezos

What are the questions that a candidate should ask at the end of the interviewing session?

Please share a few examples based on your recent experience.

  • Relationship Recruiting

Often we come across talents that are either very skilled in what they do right now or have a huge potential to achieve great goals in life later. These candidates have the potential to take your business to new heights but, it isn’t always necessary that they are out in the market, hunting for jobs the exact moment you happen to have one available.

To make the most out of the opportunity, you must initiate the relationship-building process with a potential employee when you see one, right away. With a continuous relationship with the best talent out there, you never know when you might get lucky and have an opening when your best player is out looking for a new job. A good idea to do this is to approach the person and keep them in the loop and when you have the right opportunity, present them the chance to join you. Following the latest recruitment trends 2020, it’s a good practice to be on the lookout for the best talent in companies that you might think are going to hit the market soon.

  • Exploring the Right Skill Set

With an increase in the talent pool, you will find plenty of candidates that possess exceptional technical skills but aren’t exactly team players, the opposite can also be correct as well. By looking for the right skill set and not just the technical qualifications, organizations can focus on hiring candidates that can fit into their culture. A good way to follow the latest hiring trends would be to encourage building soft skills into your regular workflow.

Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

Jim Collins

Exploring the right skill set

  • Tools and Technology for Better Recruitment

With access to better technology, both the job hunting and the recruiting trends 2020 has seen revolutionary changes over the years. While smartphones and mobile devices, when paired with online jobs, make job hunting more accessible, the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning make the hiring process a lot smoother and optimized by offering deep analytics.

  • Strategic Recruitment

A strategic recruiter is not just a simple designation but a complete division of specialization where the recruiters plan their candidate pipeline for the long term. The goal is to have a clear and useful pool of candidates that may be useful in the future. By identifying the positions for which you might need to hire in advance can help you create a talent pool with some highly skilled candidates who might be ready to join you when you have an opening.

The next step in the process is to filter those candidates from your pipeline that might best fit your requirements while maintaining warm relationships with each of them, so when you start hiring for new positions, you will have candidates matching your pipeline.

You’re not just recruiting employees, but are sowing the seeds of your reputation.

– Marc Bennioff

Strategic Recruitment

  • Dynamic Hiring Strategies

As new talent acquisition trends 2020 and improvements take place in the market so rapidly, keeping up with them has become increasingly challenging. As businesses keep on changing their goals with time, the recruitment needs to keep up with these changes as well. In this ever-changing situation, the key strategy is to adapt to these new recruitment skills as soon as possible as not doing so can affect the recruitment process negatively.

  • Embracing Mobile Job Search

With an enormous boost in the number of online jobs and increased social media presence by businesses, the Millenials are their target group. With Gen Z almost ready to start their professional life, companies have been working day and night to make their jobs available to everyone online. It has been predicted that within the next five years, more than 70% of the internet will be accessed on mobile phones.

Embracing Mobile Job Search

This latest recruitment trend requires you to have a stunning mobile-ready website to get a good audience and a wider reach which is an absolute must-have. The online job search has been taken a step further with the entry of several online job portals, offering one-click access to thousands of jobs posted online by companies of various sorts.

  • Analyzing the Cultural Fit

More than half of the job seekers applying to your company will pay close attention to your work culture to see if they are going to enjoy working there. Recruiters need to check if the candidate will be able to adapt to the various aspects of the company such as its reputation, values and goals. You can paint a clear picture for the candidate by taking him on an office tour, discussing the workstyle, how everyone interacts with one another.

After assessing the candidate, you can identify the difference between how closely the candidate’s values align with the company’s. With the right candidate, this difference will be the least.

“You can’t teach employees to smile. They have to smile before you hire them.”

Arte Nathan

  • Collaborative Hiring

You need to have a collaborative hiring process.”

Steve Jobs

Collaborative hiring involves not just the organization’s HR in the recruitment process but also some of the employees of the department where the fresh talent is needed. This latest recruitment trend of involving employees has already become a norm in several companies where employees are encouraged to step in and participate in the recruitment process.

Together, they assess the candidate in multiple aspects where the recruiter can focus on general aspects while the employee judges if the candidate will be a good match for his team or not.

Collaborative hiring is a step in the right direction as the teams can get to know about their potential teammate and have a say in the hiring process with their inputs, providing you with crucial feedback.

Collaborative Hiring

  • Warm Talent Pool

A talent pool is a database of all the candidates that you’ve come across so far with varying levels of skill, to put it in simpler terms. There are various reasons you’d want to build a talent pool, such as being able to:

  1. Always be ready to hire on an unprepared requirement.
  2. Contact potential candidates by offering them a better opportunity.
  3. Have a long-term recruiting plan.

Creating a talent pool is easy but maintaining one is tricky. You need to engage with your candidates regularly, keeping them updated on the opportunities and achievements your company has achieved recently. Using this recruiting trend, a wide variety of people can be in your talent pool, such as college students, unsuccessful candidates, ex-candidates and more.

Take Your Recruiting to the Next Level in 2020

With the focus shifting towards smarter hiring, the recruitment industry needs to keep up with the changing recruitment trends and the up and coming generation of tech-savvy millennials. Recruiting trends 2020 will see a substantial amount of changes by acknowledging a variety of aspects, such as easy access to online jobs, cultural developments, technological improvements in the hiring process, to name a few. Some of these aspects are more easily controllable than the rest while some may require thorough analysis and changes to your recruitment ideology.

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