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In this Blog, we will discuss Golang (or Go) and how to Hire Golang Developers Or Agency in complete detail, why you should give Golang a chance and it’s growing acceptance around the globe.

It was not a long ago, one of our clients reached out to us regarding a project asking about the technology stack to be incorporated into their product to create and maintain their projects easily.

We consulted them and suggested Golang; described a little bit about its characteristics, pros, and cons and its background. They were very pretty much impressed and straight away showed their interest in it and finally decided to build their project using the help of Golang. Last week they contacted us and updated us that they are doing very well with their product and how stable it is even after tons of user base. They liked how Golang is a very effortless and an open source language which can be used without any difficulties.

What really is Golang?

Golang is basically a programming language you might have heard about a lot during the past couple of years.

Although it was created back in 2009, it has started to gain recognition only in recent years. It is an open source programming language which is used to construct simple, more efficient and reliable code blocks quickly.

Three lead Google developers developed it, Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson. It was formed by combining the speed of Python and the performance and security benefits of C++.

This technique can easily work in distributed environments and makes it easy for programmers to write the programs.

An unusual feature of Go language includes quickly using numerous cores along with the efficient implementation of concurrency control. Language platform includes very user-friendly syntax.

The best and top paid writing today is Golang. It is a general-purpose language that supports concurrent programming and also provides intrinsic support for garbage collection.

Go language is designed for precision so it helps in preventing the vagueness even in increased verbosity. It uses the function to compile and link model to create executable binaries. Go programs can vary from a few lines to many single ones.

Go provides hash maps, methods for any user-defined types, type interface, variable length arrays, and implicitly satisfied interfaces similar to C- Language. And on top of that, it compiles very fast.

Now we will move on further to some basic design principles of Golang:

  • It supports inherent concurrency for lightweight process channels and select statements.
  • It supports the prototypes which adapt to the contiguous environment similar to some common dynamic languages.
  • As we discussed above its compilation time is very rapid and swift.
  • The go language is very succinct, simple and secure.
  • It supports multiple interfaces and entrenched types.

There are several characteristics of the Go Programming Language. And here are we to discuss some of them:-

Multicore Performance:

Since Golang is an extensible language and includes the undemanding model, we don’t need to redraft our software for additional cores. It does it by itself by simply doubling the number of cores on a usual basis.

Cloud Computing:

Clouds and the data center are not the same. The cloud presents servers on the claim. Golang applications can be speedily launched and efficiently retorts to servers so that the programming can go faster while dimensioning the instances some of the machines takes a long time to run and parse through every line of code.


It uses asynchronous input-output to make application to be user-friendly with some services without overcrowding web requests. It helps in building applications as a compilation of microservices.

Multiple client support:

It can toil with writing some APIs and favors outstanding support for multiple clients. It can build its own API and then make it supple for the customers. Go language don’t need to be attached to frameworks of yore.

Static Binaries:

It can be quickly compiled and launched right away as Go language has no static boundaries.


Go language runs effortlessly on all operating systems and doesn’t block other systems. Its code is non-synchronous style so that there is no need for consultation.


After conferring different characteristics of Golang, now we will discuss the “Advantages” of Go Language:-

The assemblage speed of Go language is very elevated. Its executable speed is more than that of Python.

Since concurrency is decisive for the network applications so it includes channels which sustain its work. Go language can work with web servers, nominal frameworks, APIs for web applications and much more.

It includes no external dependencies unless you specify them as it is an impartial executable programming language.

It is very relaxing and has a user-friendly style and suggested best for the amateurs. Golang coding of the programs is so effortless which makes it easily readable.

As a boon to programmers, there are some disadvantages also of Go Language.

Go language disappoints as it is very poor for desktop or Graphical User Interface applications as former languages.

It faces some struggle while working with Desktops and GUI library of cross-platform. Creating extremely low-level system components such as embedded system designs, kernels, and device drivers is not useful for Go language users.

More and more companies nowadays are Hiring Golang developers and the love and affection for them can be easily seen in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain startups.

We will show you how easy and efficient it is to program a simple “Hello World” program with Go language. One just has to follow the following steps: –

  • Package declaration: As other former languages, the first line of the programming package illustrates the name of the program. It is an important statement that no one can evade. It is the starting plan for running the program which comprises the path and name associated with it.
  • Import packages: After package declaration, the next step is to import “fmt” which is a preprocessor command which informs the compiler to include the lines from package fmt.
  • Functions: The point from where the execution of the program starts is func main() which is the main function of the programming section.
  • Variables: Compiler of the Go language avoids the commented (/*….*/) line and go for the next one. This line is a type of variable which can’t be implemented. This line emerges as comments in the program.
  • Expressions and Statements: fmt.println(…) is another variable in the program which helps in the printing and then displaying the “Hello World” on the screen.

Developers started liking Golang, it wasn’t because of a new up to date trend or because they abruptly decided to quit PHP. Since Go was a better fit due to its simplicity, concurrency and high performance, speed, developers choose Golang over other languages. We are not here to tell you that which programming language is better, but rather to tell you why Golang has edge over other languages as one can easily manage their projects and how anyone can use it to get a class product with an orderly secure code.

Here are some more reasons which will help you decide better:-

1. Golang is open-source but backed up by a large corporation

The language was created at Google and then released as an open-source project in 2009. It’s still growing swiftly and now has around 90,000 repositories. Go 1.5 was released in August 2015 with numerous upgrading to it. Go can be used for extending the game server development and handling text-processing problems and in addition it can be used for the development of different kinds of software starting with cloud and systems

2. It’s fast

  • To learn
  • To build up
  • To compile
  • To arrange and install
  • To scamper

As many Go users point out, Golang has the speed of a compiled language, but the feel of a deduced language. So you can write the code quickly, and even quicker compilation speeds allow for fast feedback. Saving both your time and money because of its speedy development, so this is obviously the most significant benefit for someone with a rigid budget.

3. Go is a modern language

Modern tasks require up to date solutions. Golang was created with cloud computing in mind, which will questionably define the future of an emerging tech world. Moreover, it was designed considering the possibilities opened by modern hardware architectures and the needs of our age computing problems.

4. Golang is simple

Go has unsoiled syntax with text-based workflow, minimalistic device, and obvious language specification. Thus, you can learn a language and become productive real fast. This simplicity makes maintainability of code less expensive and the development process faster.

5. It’s concurrent

The reason why most developers espouse Golang is that of its built-in concurrency, which facilitates you to carry out multiple processes at the same time. Garbage collector provides principal support for such execution and concurrency is happening via channels.

Now, in the end, we would like to conclude that people are widely accepting Golang as primary technology stack. Most of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency projects in today’s world are built using this cool open source language. Google surely deserves some huge round of applause from the IT arena.

6. Hiring

The most difficult task is to hire Golang developers who know their game. They are not available in abundance (like Java, Android, PHP etc) and it takes some time to find out the best ones who overlaps with your company’s values and culture.

P.S If you are looking to Hire Golang Development Agency or Hire Golang Developers, feel free to reach out us and we’ll help you connect with world’s top 5% vetted development teams. 😉

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