IPhone 7 – You left us heartbroken

Iphone 7

Apple on Thursday presented the iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus, among different items, at The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, in San Francisco, California. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple made that big appearance first to welcome the group of onlookers. For just about two hours, apple and its distinctive officials showcased the new items they have been taking a shot at over the previous year.

What might it take for the iPhone 7 cell phone to be viewed as a disappointment for Apple? With such an enormous spotlight on deals targets and piece of the overall industry, if the iPhone 7 family does not execute as unequivocally as the iPhone 6S family, then numerous will consider it to be a come up short, a sign that Apple is prepared to go wrong, and that the iOS stage is in decrease.

Most of our Apple fanboys @ Digitalogy are extremely disappointed with the lack of innovation on iPhone7.  Here are the top 10 reasons why iPhone7 left us heartbroken:

  1. The story of the Missing JACK – Apple, what is this? I mean truly, what was the purpose of doing this? This is not gainful for the buyers at all, however, Apple will profit by rolling out this improvement. The iPhone 7 will be purchased by a huge number of individuals amid the following couple of months alone, and its absence of an earphone jack is going to make a large number of them consider purchasing Lightning or Bluetooth earphones (AirPods, as Apple, calls it will cost 160 USD !!!).Iphone 7

4. The Display – It is good, but for the asking price, it could have been so much better. Every single manufacturer, be it Samsung, LG or HTC is offering better displays, mostly due to the higher resolution. 750×1334 pixels is so 2013ish. A 1080p display on iPhone 7 would have been perfect.

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