10 UI Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

10 UI Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

10 UI Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

“A user interface should be so simple that a beginner in an emergency can understand it within ten seconds.”
 — Ted Nelson

With some of the revolutionary ideas, the user interface is providing eye-catching designing trends for the upcoming designers. UI design trends of 2020 are the hotspot for both designers as well as clients since there are lots of possibilities for futuristic UI ideas.

With the vividness in the quality of the delivery, the client’s need, and the advancement in the technological aspects, UI designing is boasting its innovations in this current year.

UI trends of 2020 in collaboration with previous trending UI design will add a realistic approach to all the upcoming UI/UX projects.

Not only this, but it will also provide ample opportunities to the UI designers to work based on these fruitful ideas. So, dig deep into the current UI trends of the market and innovate your website effectively.

“To design an easy to use interface, pay attention to what users do, not what they say.”
– JakoB Nielsen

UI Design Trends to look for in the calendar year 2020

Based on current market trends and rising demands from the client’s end, here are the few of the listed latest UI design trends to look for in the calendar year 2020. These are as follows:

  • Storytelling

It counts itself to be one of the rising parts of the UI industry. Though, it created a positive impact on the UX as well.

With UI, Storytelling is shaping well for the UX with the help of specific parameters such as typography, colors, interaction design, and animation.

One of the prominent examples of Storytelling is the landing page of Google’s Pixel Earbuds. It gives an insight into some of the productive outputs of the Pixel Earbuds product via relatable imagery, stellar typography, and thoughtful animations.

Thus, Storytelling is one of the awesome design trends to kickstart as the UI designing career.

  • Animated Illustrations

Animated Illustrations 

     Source – Cognitohq.com

Through Illustrations, there has been a steep rise in digital product design. With its evolution, Illustrations is giving a subtle impact on the UX design elements in shaping parameters such as “human touch” and natural feel.

With time, Illustrations is giving a new shape to the UI as well as it is grabbing the attention of clients and designers by associating it with animations. With active animated motions, it brings vividness to the products with informative content.

Illustrations help in capturing users’ attention to the products or any other section on the website.

Thus, animations play a massive role in giving a better look at the static images with some adequate labeling along with branding, product-selling and services.

  • 3D Graphics and Animation

3D Graphics and Animation

3D flip menu by Minh Pham

It is one of the widely used UI trends as with the coming years it is providing multiple product catalogs and variants.

One of the best examples is VR and AR apps, where they gave life to the furniture products with the best effects. With a 360-degree product view, 3D Graphics and Animations are becoming a favorable option in many eCommerce websites.

For adding a promising appeal to the UI design, 3D Graphics need to be much prominent in the animation part as well.

Though the 3D Graphics and Animations process is much more hectic task than 2D versions, still with the specialized designing skill set, it is possible to overcome the above issue with a better-optimized user-experience.

  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

Ui design Trend 2020 - Virtual Reality

Image Source

What about a hassle-free gaming experience with new technological innovations in digital product design?

With Augmentation reality, one can easily imagine some latest and exciting experiences in the AR space. UI designers can seek these opportunities by implementing UI designs with AR to solidify their expertise.

With the latest launching of Oculus Quest, many UI/UX predicted unlimited opportunities in Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality.

For instance, Oculus Quest will open gates for several healthcare aspects in curing phobias along with interactive education learning.

  • Voice User Interface

“Voice User Interfaces (VUI) are the primary or supplementary visual, auditory, and tactile interfaces that enable voice interaction between people and devices.”

Source – Voice Interaction

 It is one of the most popular interface methods in the upcoming UI trends 2020 as through voice user interface, there has been steep redundancy in the usage of keyboards and mouses.

In many of the cases, the Voice User Interface surpassed its users than other interfacing methods. Amazon Alexa is one of the prominent examples of Voice User Interface, which helps in converting human voice inputs into the desired outcome.

Voice User Interface helps users in guiding complex tasks such as complex digital products, navigating locations via voice-assistance, playing favorite music, and much more. Voice User Interface does not require any screen display for its mechanism.

It also helps in reducing the usage of GUI (graphical user interface), which helps in elevating the app or website user experience.

  • Conversation with Voice assistant

  • User: Hey there!
  • Voice Assistant: Hello and thank you for contacting Johnsons. How can I help you today?
  • User: What are the top concerts in Paris in June?
  • Voice Assistant: The top 5 events in the month of June in Paris are – 1. Jonas Brothers 2. Katty Perry 3. Justin Bieber 4. Linkin Park and 5. Florida.
  • User: How Many seats available for Jonas Brothers Concert?
  • Voice Assistant: There are only 25 seats available for now.
  • User: Thanks
  • Voice Assistant: Nice chatting with you. Thank you!

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  • Unique Microinteractions

“Interaction is the essence of all user experiences. It is the conversation between your product and your user, and if the conversation is boring, your user will leave and talk to someone more interesting.”
– UXPin Team


   Chat Bar Interaction

Many UI/UX designers overlook the importance of Unique Microinteractions.

Microinteractions help in developing user-friendly digital product design with new exciting User Interface. Also, it helps in providing useful feedback and insights to the users regarding this product designing.

With the further addition of useful parameters such as interactive animations, gradient color changes in different UI states, and essential feedbacks in mobile apps, Microinteractions mainly help in building exceptional UI designing.

  • Dark Interfaces

Whatsapp Dark mode

Whatsapp Dark Mode by Gabriel Darmon

With further advancement, many tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google are using the dark mode as well as the dark version.

As both Apple and Android introduce Force Dark Mode as well as System Dark Mode, it caters to the need of the client by reducing screen glare and eye strain.

With dark interfaces boosting the latest UI trends, even Microsoft, as well as Google, released emails with dark versions considering the above advantages.

Dark Interfaces also helped designers in sharp lines, mesmerizing colors, and clear separations. Thus, it gave several designing options to designers for reaching UI optimization.

Some of the biggest applications using dark theme include:

  1. Netflix
  2. Spotify
  3. YouTube
  4. Amazon
  • Broken Grids, Asymmetrical Layouts

2020 ui design trends - Broken Grids

                             Sign up page

In many instances, it may seem weird to include broken grids and asymmetrical layouts in the website as many content pop-ups in different angles along with overlapping elements as well as split-screens.

Still, these asymmetrical layouts are gaining positive responses in the market as the designers are regularly using them and even clients required many times.

Besides current artistic trends, broken grids, as well as asymmetrical layouts, are giving a natural look to both websites as well as mobile apps. These layout designs, along with UI/UX, also bring the fun elements for the users during scrolling.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

                Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash

Well, who does not know this term Artificial Intelligence? With the advancement in technologies, Artificial Intelligence is integrating and making its presence felt in almost every product.

Instead of replacing UI designers, Artificial Intelligence will be an ideal option for them in boosting their work process.

With Artificial Intelligence, there is an effortless compilation of massive amounts of data along with easy stacking of personalized products which will help in catering to the needs and requirements from the clients’ end.

For instance- If some users wish to check few tags after signing any application, then Artificial Intelligence can prove its worth.

Through Artificial Intelligence, many musical apps keep a note on the likes and dislikes of the music to know the actual taste of the users.

  • Bold Oversized Typography

The New Zajno Website Animation

With upcoming UI trends, many UI designers are keeping an eye on giving quality designing to their clients. Through typography, there is a regular check on the content sizing according to tags.

Bold Oversized typography and variable typography can easily collaborate with many other designing trends such as animations, graphics, and much more to give them a quality look.

Bold Oversized typography and variable typography gives an appealing look to the websites and applications so that there is increasing trafficking in the website.

Typography is easy to use and brings user optimizations through appealing designs.


With these UI design trends 2020, many UI designers can give a justifiable look to either website or an application.

Both clients, as well as designers, should be well-versed with the usage of these trends so that they can easily plan-out and implement it on their applications. Thus, these UI designs will ensure to gain maximum productivity from scratch.

Also, UI designers must not neglect the importance of having these UI trends loaded in their inventories because they might need it sooner or later in their projects.

So, current UI trends are simplifying the whole process of designing by mixing it with conventional methods which makes it even efficient for further operations.

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