Top 25 Python Projects For Beginners [ Updated List 2023 ]


There is no doubt that Python has become a popular and widely-used programming language. More than 8 million developers worldwide are using Python for different projects. However, to become a successful Python developer, instead of gaining theoretical knowledge, you also need to gain practical expertise. 

And this can be achieved by working on some real-time Python projects. Here you will discover some best Python projects for beginners, and for your better understanding, we have divided those projects into three different sections, i.e., beginners, medium and advanced levels.  

However, before that, Python developers should gain some necessary skills such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, Machine Learning, knowledge about Python Frameworks, Python Libraries, and more. So, are you all set to delve deep and gain expertise? Try out these Python projects now. 

Python Project Ideas for Beginners

  1. Number to Words

This simple project will allow you to create a program that speaks the number as entered by you. It can help you support millions of inputs and non-positive integers such as floating numbers, negative integers or zero. You can use the num2words module for this. Use pip to install the module. 

  1. Mad Libs Project

You can try out the Mad Lib Generator project to learn how to edit user-inputted data by considering the concatenation, variables and string. Here, a noun, a pronoun, an adjective, etc., can be utilized as input. After your input, the program will collect the data and display that in story templates. 

  1. Guess the Number 

Develop a program where the computer will choose a number. Then offer the users a clue to find out the number. If they fail, offer another clue, but the score will get. For this, you may need to use comparison functions. 

  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors Project

For this project, you need to work with the “random. Choice (), user input and if statements. This project will help you in developing fundamentals such as functions and conditionals. 

  1. Contact List

It may sound old school, but it is still prevalent. For this project, you can utilize the SQL Alchemy library that utilizes SQLite to store multiple contacts. Knowledge of Python, as well as PyQt programming, can help you here. The contact book needs to be organized into packages and modules. 

  1. Password Generator

In this project, you will obtain data from the users regarding the number of passwords and password length and create a collection of passwords using random characters. Through this project, you can gain more practical knowledge on “for loops” and the “random” Python module. 

  1. Calculator

Have you ever thought of developing a calculator based on Python language? This project can enhance your skills in the GUI Python library. For this project, you need to create text boxes for inputs and results and buttons for operands and digits. 

  1. Photo Editor

How about creating a photo editor of your own idea by using Python? This excellent and easy-to-do Python project idea will help you understand histogram equalization’s fundamentals and working process. You build a photo editor that can clear them by enhancing their contrast ratio. 

  1. Twitter Bot

A Twitter bot replicates a human’s actions on Twitter. You can create a bot programmed to like and retweet a specific hashtag. Besides, you can also integrate the functionality of the followers with a certain hashtag and reply to selected followers. 

Python Projects for Intermediate Level

  1. URL Shortener Tool

It focuses on creating tools similar to TinyURL or Here, you need to combine two different modules, i.e., the string and the random modules, to produce characters for shortened URLs. Besides, you should save the shortened URLs and original URLs in the same database.

  1. Pin the Note

For this project, you can utilize the Django framework that has an authentication system. For storing information, you can use the PostgreSQL database or MySQL database. You can also try to add a reminder feature in the tool. 

  1. Fibonacci Generator

In this project, you will learn how to create a recursive function that can check whether the numbers input by the users belong to a Fibonacci sequence or not. You need to use the memorization function. Besides, the data type should be large enough to handle Fibonacci values. 

  1. Voice Assistant

For this project, you may need to use modules like Tkinter, WolframAlpha, Subprocesses, Speech recognition, Twilio, BeautifulSoup and more. You can make it search on Wikipedia and open apps like WhatsApp, Spotify, etc. 

  1. MP3 Player

Make a tool that can play digital audio files with the help of this project. While creating a music player, you also need to focus on creating a perfect user interface. For this project, you can use simple audio, pymedia and pygame Python library. To store data, use the sqlite3 module. 

  1. Site Connectivity Checker

This tool can help users to check a website’s status. For this, you can use ICMP and TCP. To make the connection, use socket programming. Use click, argparse or docopt frameworks to integrate commands to allow the users to add or remove websites.

  1. File Renaming

Such tools can be used to rename multiple files within a few seconds. For this, you can use shutil, sys, and os Python libraries. To add some additional features, use the regex module. The tool can categorize files based on file size, alphabetical order, etc. 

  1. Currency Converter

The design of this tool is straightforward and should focus on the main function. Using the Tkinter module, you can easily access the Tk GUI toolkit in Python to create UI. Besides, to get the URL, you need to use the requests library. 

  1. Quiz Application

It presents multiple questions to the users, and users need to answer accordingly. This project requires various graphical user interfaces, such as Tkinter, PyQt, PyGTK, and wxPython. Besides, you will also need an API. You can install the toolkits using the Python command. 

Python Projects For Advanced Level

  1. Python File Explorer

This tool can be used to view the system’s file. You can also add features like copying, pasting and searching. As this will be a GUI app, Tkinter can be an excellent toolkit for you. You should import the filedialog module to create this tool. 

  1. Content Aggregator

Utilizing the Django framework and Python, you can create a content aggregator. This project will enhance your knowledge of virtual environment configuration, CSS, HTML, and various Django fundamentals, like UR routing, migration, folder structure and more. A basic understanding of Bootstrap 4 can also be helpful. 

  1. Web Crawler

To create such a tool, you will have to utilize the multi-thread idea. For a crawler bot, use Scrapy or the request module of Python. The scrapy module helps in data extraction and online scrapping. 

  1. Face Mask Detection

In this project, you will learn how to use OpenCV, Keras, and Python to create a deep-learning tool for error-free mask detection. Here, a network architecture developed using Keras will be used to train the tool. You may also use the TensorFlow and MobileNeV2 frameworks in this project. This project will help you learn about data augmentation, data visualization, splitting the data, training the CNN model, and more. 

  1. Plagiarism Detection Tool

This tool utilizes a Natural Language Processing tool as well as the search API. You can use the TensorFlow library to create neural networks with different parameters. To make the dataset, use the NLTK- Natural Language Toolkit of Python. This project will help you learn about neural networks, the processing of natural language, and tokenization. 

  1. Expense Tracker

This tool can help users to monitor their assets and spending. In this project, you will learn how to create an easy-to-use cos tracker using Python. For this, you can use PySimpleGUI to develop a perfect user interface. Besides, other Python modules such as Pandas and Matplotlib can also be used. You may also need to install SQLite 3 and Tkcalender for this project. 

  1. Regex Query Tool

A Regex Query Tool allows users to carry out specialized searches. In simple words, a Regex is a collection of multiple strings that can check the validity of the users’ query. If it finds matching patterns, then it will alert the users while highlighting the matching patterns. Python comes with a module called “re” that works with Regex. You can use re. match () function to find a pattern within the “test_string. The repackage in Python is an excellent option for beginning query strings. 


We have discussed 25 Python project ideas here. There are some simple projects that you can accomplish within a short time and also some advanced-level projects. Before moving to advanced challenges, complete the basic tasks to gain skills and confidence. These projects will also allow access to the fields such as web development, data science, and machine learning. Don’t forget to test the knowledge you gained from these projects by creating your project using Python. 

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