CRYPTOCURRENCY: Most asked questions on Google

 What is cryptocurrency?


With recent surge in popularity of cryptocurrency a lot of people have become interested in Crypto Verse.

What is crypto?


It is a Digital currency where transactions are recorded on a Decentralized blockchain.

How to invest in cryptocurrency?


There are a lot of way through which one can invest in Crypto. Most popular ways include directly buying through crypto exchanges.

What is crypto mining?


It is the process where nodes ie "Computers" validate transaction and in return they are rewarded coins.

How to buy cryptocurrency?


Just like our previous answer you can easily buy any crypto currency using crypto exchanges or using decentralized wallets.

Why is crypto crashing?


One of the widely asked question on our list. Well for that you have to regularly study the market  and follow latest news. 

How does cryptocurrency work?


This is a very vast topic and cannot be covered with few words. So we suggest you to Google it and find out yourself.

How to create a cryptocurrency?


Well just like any other software crypto currency is also created using programming languages. There are many languages through which you can make crypto.

How to make an NFT?


Creating NFT is an really simple and we at Digitalogy have written an very in-depth article on this topic. Visit Link Below For Complete Info :-