A recent report has shown that there aren't enough applicants of C++ developers as compared to the jobs available!

Anthony Peacock says “It’s tough to find candidates who are really skilled C++ developers which is exactly what every trading company wants.”

This isn't the case of America or England only but other developed countries such as Germany are also suffering.

But why is this happening?

This is so because many developers have dumped C++ programming language due to which now the big tech companies are suffering.

According to Stack Overflow survey 2022, usage of C++ has been dropped by 2% compared to 2021 (from 24.3% to 22.5%).

Many developers have urged to “deprecate” C++ in favor of Rust owing to the stability and security of the programming language.

But Rainer Grimm, an experienced C++ trainer, states that there is a huge need for C++ programmers in the tech domain.

C++ has ruled many years and earned a spot in the “Big 4” tech companies but has it become a dead language now?