As per the news reports, Elon Musk has now paid the $44 billion in order to acquire Twitter.

As soon as he acquired Twitter, his first step was to escort out many of the Twitter officials.

Some of the popular names include:

1- Parag Agrawal (CEO) 2- Vijaya Gadde (Legal head) 3- Ned Segal (CFO) 4- Sean Edgett (General Counsel)

A person familiar with the matter said that Musk also plans to lay off 75% of Twitter employees and is also looking to double the revenue within 3 years.

As per a news report from Bloomberg, Elon Musk will remain the Twitter CEO in the meantime but will give up the role in the long run.

So now, along with being the CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX, the billionaire is also expected to be the CEO of Twitter.

Musk will take initiatives to bring changes in the company who had earlier said to make Twitter a "free speech" platform.

Let's wait to see the changes in our most popular social media app!