Why does everyone want to work from home today?

The pandemic seems buried but still more and more people are preferring to work from home nowadays.

Even though there is less exposure to Covid now then what is the cause behind such behavior?

Remote workers report 5 major reasons behind this.


More productivity at home than office


After working from home for 2 years now, remote workers feel that they can be more productive at home than in office.

Better Work-Life Balance


There is better work-life balance when working from home. Thus, remote workers have more time to spend with their families.

Saving time and money 


Working from home cuts additional cost and time by eliminating the commute factor.

More time with PETS


75% of them reported that they want to spend more time with their pets.

Better Mental Health


Working from home removes the stress of commute and other factors which ultimately results in better mental and physical health.

What do you prefer - Work from Home or Office?